Vijay Lakshmi Pradhan

Garment Retail and Stitching
Poster Woman of Success
32 years old
Sector 4, J P Colony, Naya Kheda, Jaipur

The poster woman of success at Arth, Vijay Lakshmi has a post-graduation in commerce and a B Ed degree. Smart and intelligent, she is called as a representative at Arth office when agencies come for routine or surprise checks, Founders Day and Women’s Day. With a supportive mother-in-law and husband, she has availed of the benefits of microfinance for the past 5-6 years with Arth. Leader of her group - Saroj Naya Khada Group – she encourages other women nearby to use Arth’s services and benefits and asks them to stand on their own feet and do their bit for increasing their household income. She says, “We must keep ourselves engaged in some activity, if not, we will go mad doing nothing in the house.” She does fall, pecco on sarees for various big saree selling shops around, stiches blouses and kurtis, and earns about INR 5-8000 per month. She bought her first sewing machine with the first loan she availed from Arth, and today with her expectant fifth loan, she intends to start a boutique in her area – the first one in her locality.