Suman Devi Morya

Grocery Shopkeeper
The parent she called Arth!
30 years old
Khawarani village, Bassi, Jaipur

Suman did not want to weave carpets like other women in her community. She is way more ambitious! She started her own shop 7 years ago in her own home, as her husband suffered from health problems and could not go to the city for work. There was no other shop in the vicinity. She was obviously very successful there. With the first loan from Arth, she bought more goods and made her shop bigger. Over three more loans and a shop on the main road, she bought a new house with three more shops. She wants to put up another shop for ladies products and learn stitching. She wants to become famous as the best tailor in the neighbouring villages and will now learn stitching professionally. She has built a business for her husband, but she thinks she has to create a name for herself. And that she will!