Seema Rani

Dahi Vada Stall
Dahi Vada – the recipe of success!
42 years old
Pratap Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Jaipur

She makes the curd and kanji water, and fries the vadas, her husband buys all the raw material, he sells Dahi Vada and Kanji Vada on his own stall. She stands rock solid with her husband as they sail through life, and raise their children. Her husband had a CD and DVD shop but had to close down as technology evolved. He then learned to make these items from a relative 8 years ago.

It has been 3 years with Arth, and they have used the loan every time to repair batteries used for running the machine that prepares the batter. How do they understand the difference between pre-Arth and post-Arth times? Her husband explains, “We can now buy ingredients for a month, while earlier we could only buy for a week. We make about INR 20000 a month. We now intend to put another stall for the same products and repair our house. Our ambitions have materialized and we will only grow bigger from here.”