Rajni Pingoliya Morya

Carpet Weaver
The loom of success
35 years
Khawarani village, Bassi, Jaipur

Rajni’s husband had to go to the city as carpet weaving wasn’t lucrative enough. Agriculture wasn’t possible due to the lack of water. Her in-laws did have a weaving loom. Her children were still young and were demanding her attention. All of this wasn’t adding up to decent income. When the children had grown up, the first thing she did was to learn how to weave carpets from her husband and in-laws. The first loan from Arth was a timely boon. She set up her own loom. Five years later, the extended family has 3 more looms and all basic amenities in the house. Plus she can be attentive to the children all the time, as she can earn the same amount as wages earned with a company. She is happy that it has all added up well enough to live comfortably!